What expects YOU

to doze (third-person singular simple present dozes, present participle dozing, simple past and past participle dozed) :

1. to sleep lightly or briefly; to nap (source

Don’t worry, You won’t doze here 😉 ! In general a doze is a light, short sleep and after it you often feel much better ! And this is the whole idea behind this blog: some music suggestions after them hopefully you will feel much better and maybe be in a cheerful mood !

For us music was our first love and it will be our last !

But it is hard to concentrate our whole attention on only one music-style. Music is much more (see also What it’s all about) ! Our preference is house-music, no matter if it is disco, french, electro or some other house-style, it has to sound magnificently and at the best of times to cause something wonderful in our hearts ! It’s also possible that you will find some jazzy or lounge sounds in this blog, because this music as well causes deep emotions in our hearts !

Lean back, relax, celebrate, do what ever you want to and enjoy every single moment in life that music gives you as a gift !

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