June 5, 2009, 16:50
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Hi everyone, the last weeks were unbelievable wonderful. Spended a lot of time w/ old-good friends making a barbecue for example. And do you realized, we’ve got finally summer sun !!! I missed it soooo much.

On this way you should pay attention to MILAS once again. I know that the last posts his attendence is extremely high, but what can I say … it’s just wonderful music and I really hope this guy won’t constrain upcoming new big songs, ’cause there are a lot of artists, that tried too much in a short period. My opinion is, less songs, but better quality πŸ˜‰

Okay okay, enough of my opinion. Now go out into the sunshine and turn Milas’ PUNTA CANA louder ! It’s fresh (!!!), it reminds me of ocean, beach and cooooll cocktails πŸ™‚ ! Honestly, it looks like Milas exactly know how to bring summer feeling into our houses.

Visit and Download:

Milas’ MySpace

Milas’ Mini EP Punta Cana (My tip: Part2 the vocals !)


Do you still remember DEMASI MEETS KOKI (DmK) and their interview here on Dozing ?! Hope ‘yes’. And now something new you can listen to up on the youtube-player.

This song is great vocal French Synthy House. I can’t explain how much I love the vocal sample … woooow, music that makes me an happier man on this world. No glitter and gimmickry, only simple and all the more exciting music … music for the heart or should I say: IN MY HEART πŸ˜‰

Visit: Demasi meets Koki’s MySpace


Allen Walker

A new face on Dozing and it’s ALLEN WALKER. He is a guy you should heard once, his remixes will make your feet move and all his stuff sounds auspicious. Specially I felt in love w/ a demo of his track “Hurt“. I hope really to present you my dear readers this track for download here on this blog soon.

So check out his remixes for DAFT PUNK, CRYDA LUV’ or VAN SHE … all names you know yet. So enjoy his sound and I predict we will read once again about him and then about his own tracks !!!

Visit: Allen Walker’s MySpace


sun, sunny, summer πŸ™‚


Demasi meets Kokii
January 31, 2009, 11:48
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Demasi Meets Kokii

DEMASI MEETS KOKII are in the house, and no they shouldn’t be called “Demasi & Kokii“. If you want to know why, you should read the interview.
I’ve already told you a lot about their music and they should be known by you yet. They are good friends from Sweden and to say it in Kokii’s words with reference to the upper photo: “Demasi has hair and I’m bald hahaha“.

Do you know that I’ve got also swedish roots on my mother’s side long long time ago ?! Who cares. The sound from Gothenburg is big, fantastic, housy. The latest stuff (Calling Koki and Talisman) is calmer and deeper than the older tracks from them, but I love listening to it, ’cause my thoughts slip away on a smooooth way !

If you want to know and to listen more about/to their stuff, take a look on older posts here on Dozing Music and on Demasi meets Kokii’s MySpace (Links at the end of the interview).

And now, enjoy the interview with Kokii !!!Β  πŸ™‚



First of all
Describe Swedish girls in some words and tell us, why they are maybe different from other ones?

Swedish girls are beautiful just as they are described in American movies. Maybe not called Olga or Helga, but they are nice. The only problem is that they might be a little weird at times. But who really cares? They are Swedish, that itself is pure gold.

You’re absolutly right, pure gold. Now let us start about music.
Which song is playing in the background in this moment ?

Tina Charles – Take all of me

Tell us what music means to You in 1 or 2 sentences.

I don’t know anything about music. In my line you don’t have to (quoting Elvis Presley)

And how would you describe your own music with a few keywords ?

Music for pleasure. We don’t have any intentions to change anyone.

What was the reason, why you started making music ?

For a very strange reason I went into a music store when I was 12 and bought me a bass guitar and started to play and of course listening to Bob Marley my whole life I knew I had to work with music in some way.

Coincidence?! Who knows …
What is your inspiration ?

I get inspired by people with knowledge.

An unexpected answer. Interesting.
And is there any intention/message in your music ? If Yes, which ?

To let her feel that she is halfway to paradise.

Deep, everyone out there should take a while to think about it.
Why did you choose ‘Demasi & Koki’ as your artist name ? Is there maybe a story behind or are these your names ?

The funny thing is that people still thinks our artist name is β€˜Demasi & Kokii’ but it’s actually β€˜Demasi meets Kokii’. Demasi thought it would be proper since both of us are from two very different worlds.

Where is the place you love to listen to music the most ? (unimportant whether it’s on your mp3-player or whether it’s live music)

While taking a bath.

I give you some keywords and you say what comes spontaneously into your mind:

Daft Punk are better than Chemical brothers, PERIOD!
France I will forever love β€˜Belleville Sur Vie’ & β€˜La Roche SurΒ Β Β Β Β  Yon’ in Nantes. I was an exchange student there so that’s why.
Ice Hockey Club teams in Sweden are the best in Europe.
TV Comedy Central!
Radio Swedish radio stinks, so I start to sing instead
SunglassesΒ You should always wear vintage

What is the question you ever wanted to be questioned and never been on an interview ? And answer it.

What can’t you live without? “Sunshine


Either … or … :

Coffee ↔ Tee
Beer ↔ Wine , Neither, I prefer Raspberry Soda
Muesli ↔ Burger
Sightseeing ↔ Beach Holiday
Morning Grumpiness
↔ Early Riser
Hotel ↔ Camper
Lobster ↔ Steak
Optimist ↔ Pessimist
Sweet ↔ Salty
Bar ↔ Club
12″ ↔ CD/mp3

Clever ↔ Beautiful
Long-Legged ↔ Buxom
Brunette ↔ Blond
Stylish ↔ Trendy


Demasi meets Kokii (Kokii): One final thing I wish to say to all the disco house/filter house/funk and everything in between producers:
Let the games begin!

Doze: Thanks a lot to you, thanks for your time and these interesting answers, that gave me a new point of view on Demasi meets Kokii !!! Wish you all the best for the future !!!


Hope you’ve enjoyed this interview as much as I did. And now the promised links:


Demasi meets Kokii’s MySpace (incl. Talisman + Calling Koki)

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Keep the music alive !