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December 23, 2009, 18:28
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Ok, much to do for Christmas, but I got a little spare time at the moment. So talk about BELGIAN BEER who have been a lot of time on this blog yet. I love his mixtapes since Belgian Beer is known as an artist in my mind and not a cool drink from Belgian. They’ve got something magical. And the following one is not the latest, it is almost 2 months old, but I discovered it today. And honestly said, I’m glad about it, ’cause it is such a soul house mixtape, you coulnd’t find a better one for winter & Christmas time.

This tape has got soul, bells, groove, vocals, piano, trompets, saxophone … what do you need more now-a-days?! Just enjoy!




You still know LeBatman? Oui! Alors, he worked w/ DOM and the result is a groovin’ lovely saxophone track called Isabelle. I like the title … Isabelle … such a wonderful name … it whets ones appetite! Don’t you think the same?

So now check this masterwork out and move a little bit left and right on your chair 😉




Ok, I don’t think I’ll find the time to write tomorrow once again, although another promised mixtape is still waiting to be mentioned. So let me wish you the best for the upcoming holidays, don’t eat too much and enjoy the time w/ your family & friends! This is what matters.

Sincerly Yours, Doze



It’s done
February 14, 2009, 20:41
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Yeeees, I pass the exam !!! I’m extremely happy about this fact, it made this day much brighter. And the fact that I’ll get a new Espresso-machine makes it also brighter.

So now I can keep up the writting. First of all let us talk about ASKINE from France. I love his stuff, some of you may already know “Black Lips“, a song everybody should know! Great vocal, big beat, one of the best songs from 2008 ! “Ta Nite“, non vocal and smooth synthy part are not only for relaxing, the groove the beat makes you shake a little bit. It’s funky on its way and it sounds so wide that you think you fly.
At this point you see, we are not talking about music only for small clubs, it’s music for a big crowd without loosing its quality !
And the best example is “& You” !!! Check it out, you’ll know what I mean !!!


Akine’s MySpace

Askine on Fairtilizer (& You, Black Lips and Ta Nite)



MONOSPACE and we’re still in France. Last posts full of French stuff, this post …
Loving You and Never Let Go, two songs similar to the sound of the mixtape MAGNIFIQUE, real cool filtered vocal disco house !

Yes, you should pay attention to MONOSPACE !

Visit & enjoy:

Monospace’s MySpace (+ Loving You and Never Let Go)


Belgian Beer and SKingz

BELGIAN BEER and SKINGZ belong to my favourite artists, so it’s not the first time I mention them on this blog.
But now happened something brilliant, something awesome, it is a perfect fusion (!!!), each of them made a remix for the other one !
Funky funky funky fresh house, the finest you can get !

SKINGZ also made a new track called Got That Feeling and it’s also worth to be mentioned !!! The song sounds like all tracks from SKingz: BRILLIANT !!!


SKingz’s MySpace (+ Got That Feeling)

Belgian Beer’s MySpace

Download & support:

Belgian Beer – Keep On Singing (SKingz Remix)

SKingz – The Fakie & The Neighbour (Belgian Beer Remix)


Cryda Luv - Valentine

It’s Valentine’s day, so the last post is about the song Valentine from CRYDA LUV’ !!! The typical Cryda Luv’ sound plus a little bit more Looooove in this brilliant track. You will LOVE IT, ’cause I do !

Don’t miss this warm-hearted declaration of love !!!

Visit and Love:

Cryda Luv’ s MySpace (+ Valentine)


Big Love to all of you !!!

Belgian Delight
January 26, 2009, 20:29
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Belgian Delight

BELGIAN BEER, yeeeeeeeeeeeesss this is brilliant House music ! There’s one thing you can believe in: EVERY MIXTAPE THIS GUY MADE IS INCREDIBLE ! If you need the tunes and the bass of fantastic house songs, you shouldn’t miss the latest mixtape for FTF Radio. 50 minutes pure enjoyment. And I repeat myself, but don’t let us waste time on talking, just spend time listening !

It’s not all from BELGIAN BEER, this time I also want to support a new smash hit, a little bit funky, a little bit crazy “uuuuh uuuuh uuh”. It reminds me with his bell-sounds of some american early 80’s TV series, don’t know why, but it is so. Enjoy: DELIGHT !!! J’adore !!!


Belgian Beer’s MySpace (incl. the big tune DELIGHT + much more great stuff)

Download, Playlist & enjoy:

Belgian Beer Mix on FTF Radio (1/17/2009)

Demon – Regultate (Fafa Monteco Remix)
Belgian Beer – Delight
Rhythm Masters – Good Times
Alex Kidd – Slap It On
Drexxel – Out of Control
Disco Diamonds – I Like It Like That
Trouble Men – Do It
Matt Soda – Talkin’ About
Disco Diamonds – Make That Move
The Cough – Without You
Klubfilter – G-Spot

Older post:

Belgian Beer enjoyment on highest level



This weekend was a big one. Good feelings, a lot of fun and relaxing. And … yeeeaaaahh, I rocked all the time, there were these fantastic and incredible songs from an EP. They were playing aaaall day long. Funky, filtered, vocal house, THE FINEST ! Directly before weekend I get them and since then it was like a bomb: I had them in my ears, my feet and my head, but specially in MY HEART !!! I love the vocals, the bass, the trompets, the piano, simply EVERYTHING !
If you don’t understand why I’m churned up this way, you have to check the stuff from >> SKingz <<, so the man of the hour is called and no he is not from France, he is from Germany ! Yes, it’s the proof, also German are able to create incredible filtered house music.

I promise: You will love it also !!!


SKingz’s MySpace (a lot of brilliant stuff)

Download & Dance:

SKingz – Just For Your Love

SKingz – Wicked Piano Man


Music Is Love 😉

Belgian Beer, enjoyment on highest level
December 15, 2008, 18:06
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belgian beerBelgian Beer??? Maybe. The truth however is that the artist comes from France. And the following mixtapes make me speechless. I can’t describe how strong and well chosen the songs are. The (funky) rhythm goes into your feet and at the same time into your heart. Listening to it, I feel automatically happy ! It isn’t still worth to talk about it, because it would waste valuable time, time you should spend listening and dancing to the mixtapes !


Belgian Beer Mix on FTF Radio (9/11/2008 )


Live Element – Be Free (Full Intention Re-Edit)
Alex Herrera – At The Disco
Matt Hughes – Can’t Talk Now
M&S – Salsoul Nugget (If U Wanna) (M&S Klub Mix)
Paris Clubbin – Release Me
Matt Soda – Raison D’etre
Zed Bias – Neighbourhood (Digital Souls Remix)
Daddy’s Favourite – I Feel Good Things For You (Alan Braxe Mix Two)
The Cough – Without You
Alex Herrera – Satisfied
Alex Gopher & Demon – Without You
Cheek – Venus (Sunshine People) (DJ Gregory Remix)


Belgian Beer Mix on FTF Radio (06/12/2008 )


Alex Herrera – Disco Steppin’
Junior Sanchez feat. Dajae – B With U (Vocal Mix)
Audio Jackers – D 4 Damager
Disco Diamonds – The More I Get, The More I Want
Forever Young – Brightness
Belgian Beer – Gueule de Bois (Demo Version)
Disco Diamonds – I Like It Like That
Defunk – Move Me
Gramatik – Chicago (I Wanna Talk 2 Ya)
Mike 303 – Machineman


I’m addicted to this music, I can’t get enough …
Yours Doze