After Long Attempt
September 13, 2009, 20:38
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This weekend I had a game with my team and the evening before I planned to sleep about 8 hours. The problem was a bigger radio-station broadcasted a mixtape by DatA and hell it was so f***ing great. Once you started listening, you couldn’t stop! Plenty songs and a lot of different styles! …


The Ma¦éche¦ü Compilation (Front)

But now after long long …. longer attempt I’m glad to present to you a compilation of 3 artists from Calgary, Canada. The sound is electronic and soooooo awesome. Everything sounds professional you get the impression you’ve got a cd in your hands. I could name some facts about the artists and their MySpace-pages, but all you want to know, you’ll find on the EP.
Be sure PIERCE, ILLANGELO and 99 created one of the best compilations for long and once started you won’t stop listening (I couldn’t after almost 2 months)! Just get this EP, enjoy the electronical stuff and discover how different electronica could be.

3 artist = 3 different characters

Get It: The Mâché Compilation by Pierce, Illangelo & 99


… in silence …