Watch the sun come up
September 8, 2009, 17:22
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Hi everyone, hope you enjoyed this past sunny august. Maybe you were at the beach, in cool clubs, parties or made a barbecue w/ friends. Now it’s the time for such activities !

It’s long ago since the last post and at the end of this one you will find the download link for Joey Chicago‘s radio mixtape. For all who couldn’t listen to it live, you missed great fantastic Disco House.

The other thing during my long absense, honestly I had a lot of things on my mind, primary exams, is that I had no chance to stay tuned about the stuff which found the way onto plenty mp3-players. And by pure chance the only sound that filtered down to me, were some fantastic remixes for Gossip and brilliant remixes by FRED FALKE.

One remixed song is my personal Summer-feeling song (although it’s not the latest one), I love the original version and also what Fred Falke has done!

Great vid, or what do you thing ?! Here Fred’s work:


About the next artist I’ve never heard something before, but hell Fred’s remix of Bulletproof by LA ROUX … AWESOME ! Okay, the music-style is not new and it sounds a little bit known … but who cares !!!

La Roux’s MySpace (incl. the original vid)

Fred’s work:


Puuuh, almost forgotten the download-link for

JOEY CHICAGO on mth-House Radio during “Filtersessions”

Joey Chicago


Hope this is acceptable start after a long break and since now you will get more from Dozing – it’s a threat 😛



Try it
July 29, 2009, 17:09
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Disco disco disco house ! JOEY CHICAGO released a bomb … spectacular, incredible sound. Oh I missed that and now a new song make me dance all nite long ! Check this promo direct from Joey himself. Don’t miss it and discover how brilliant the words “trying to say” perform magic !

And tomorrow the guy is on radio, so turn on your pc, visit mth-house-radio and fish your shiny disco balls out 😉

Joey’s MySpace

Joey Chicago – Trying To Say

Joey Chicago – Jane (it’s a cool “classic”)

Joey on



Something new from SILVER DISCO and you will love it, this well known sample won’t leave your head. Go out and check “Send Me Out For Love” !

Silver Disco’s MySpace


Trying to say … I love music 🙂


In Between
July 23, 2009, 18:50
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Oh, what a great time I had, a long weekend on the beach, swimming, playing volleyball and mountainbiking. Far away from Tv, the www and other stuff. Only sports and party. Hope you all enjoy the summer as much as I do 😉

For today only music stuff and just few words. I’m too busy for big words. Just enjoy the tunes ! It’s the stuff I listen to, ’cause I love it, no matter how old it is.



Old, but sooooo goooooood ! Cool, fresh samples. Just groove 😉 .  ASKINE – Macumba Knight


Zoot Woman + StadtKind

I remember I’ve heard this song the first time … long long ago and in my eyes a fantastic music video. It’s of the kind I like to see and hear even today. I the following remix is also bit older, but … ZOOT WOMAN – IT’S AUTOMATIC (STADTKIND REMIX)


daft punk + nightdrugs

Talking about DAFT PUNK and their music … endless ! As a big lover of this music, it’s sometimes hard to listen f***ing weak remixes. However NIGHT DRUGS made a fantastic job on “Face to Face” and it’s really worth to talk about it ! It’s amazing what you’ll find face to face

Night Drugs’ MySpace

Daft Punk – Face To Face (Night Drugs Rework)


your eyes ep

Great vocals, cool groove, just another fantastic song by Leonardus & Le Babar. French tune in Your Eyes _ 😛

My hint: >> if you visit Le Babar’s page, check out his It’s On You, you’ll recognize the used sample, GREAT! I also love the funky jazzy song Jazzin’ It <<

Leonardus’ MySpace

Le Babar’s MySpace

Your Eyes EP (download)


Next the promised electronica EP !!!


Cool or Warm? HOT!

First of all: I’m sorry dear readers and blog-visitors! I know I promised a new post since … long long ago. I really try my best, but I’m busy at the moment. Day after day I’m preparing for exams, trying to find time for friends and supporting my sport team on weekends. In my head are lot of ideas for new posts … and because after this weekend the summer break will start in sport, I hope to post more!

——————————————————————————————————————Club-a-Club Warm edition

Do you remember ALLEN WALKER ?! And do you remember how I fell in love w/ his song “Hurt“?! Now everyone can get it! Do you remember POKA‘s promising art-work “Lonely Nights“?! You can get it too! Do you remember MILAS and his cool summer-breeze tracks?! Once again, you can get the awesome vocal version of “Punta Cana (part2)” too!

And the best fact is, you only need to download one file !!! Club-A-Club Records congregates a lot of fantastic artist w/ the love for French House. Get this 2-in-1 compilation w/ Demasi Meets Koki, Spermstars, Leonardus and many many more on it !!!


So let us take a deeper look and highlight some unbelievible f***ing great audio-art !!!! (I know it’s uncool to highlight some tracks, ’cause each track is brilliant, but …) :


From the “Cool Edition”:

—  first the artist NO HOMO and his “Malibu Sunsets“, I LOVE THE PIANO and this WHOOO-WHOUUU!!! 300% pure catchy tune, I can’t and won’t get it out of my head!
Milas, Poka, Allen Walker … everything is said yet: Unbelievible & talented !
LA FUSA w/ “You can’t Stop It” and once again I fall in love w/ a piano, everything cool, fresh… best for summer.
TZARR‘s “You Are My Necessary Love” brings a deep strong bass and a female voice back … emotions !
CRYDA LUV’ presents a new tune w/ a classic sound, this is French House !


From the “Warm Edition”:

SPERMSTARS brings back some funky cutten filter samples, enjoy “Lovin’ Slut
— Don’t forget about Disco House ! DJ EQ w/ “Got Feelin’” and our old good friend JOEY CHICAGO w/ “The Way That You Feel” show us the way to their special unmistakeable sound ! sdfasf
SIEVERT & FIERCE CITY … let the funky filter tunes be w/ you !!! “Dance Woman… “La Musique Fantastique
HONOM takes us on a journey into the electronical sound and hell I love this Water Proof” trip !



So boys & girls download, dream, enjoy, dance ! Club-A-Club Records say about:

Cool edition: Spacey beach house music..
Warm edition: Yacht Disco..

My conclusion: COOL OR WARM ??? —–> HOT !!!


Download & visit:

Club-A-Club Records’ MySpace

Download the Compilation


Take A Dance w/


Give Me A Kiss … or two
June 25, 2009, 19:13
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Busy, so less words for today. Now pay attention to GIVE ME A KISS from France once again ! Yet I’ve told you how f***ing great the stuff is, sooooo … hell just psych out !!! And for all those who already visited their MySpace and who found pleasure in listening to them, you all can freak out now, ’cause I get some more brilliant dirty electro stuff  for download direct from Give Me A Kiss !!!

Jump Jump Jump, I feel like losing my mind while jumping around to the rough itchy sound. Just enjoy Cheapleader and Disco, you’ll lose control. A weird voice you’ll find in the track I don’t Think So and you won’t get enough. Looking for some boost?! You love to be on edge, you want to hear how tension build up?! Get No More Patient !!! And as an icing on the cake download the remix of One.2.3.Four from the great and famous MARTIN SOLVEIG !

So if you want to book them for a Dj-set into your club or get in touch w/ them, just send a mail to:

Visit, SUPPORT & Download:

>>>>>> Give Me A Kiss’ Site <<<<<<

Give Me A Kiss – No More Patient
Give Me A Kiss – Cheapleader
Give Me A Kiss – Disco
Give Me A Kiss – I Don’t Think So
Martin Solveig – One.2.3.Four (Give Me A Kiss Remix)


Ikki Mixtape

Okay, IKKI from Madrid, Spain. Not the first time on Dozing, but this time w/ a mixtape. Today I checked it and I think it sounds so strange and different, that you also should pay attention to it. I can’t and won’t say much about it, ’cause discover it on yourselves !!!


For More:

Ikki’s MySpace

Ikki – Madrid Destroy

Extract from Playlist: “1-Ave Maria  2 -Time Modem Welcome to the 90  3-Psyche The saint become a lush (IKKI remix)  4-Les Petits pilous wake up   5- The Presidents under the powder   6-Zero Machine (Le castlevania remix)   7-Chewy Chocolates It was only a kiss   8-Jamiroquai Vs Justice Vs Mstkrft etc …..”


Already got an eye on new FRENCH STUFF !!!


June 17, 2009, 16:48
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Poka himself

Ladies and Gentlemen let me present to you once again, or I should better say: the first time w/ an eye on details, POKA !

The most of you know yet he is from Athens, Greece. This is only one small information about him, ’cause the fact that matters is his music! I love each and every masterpiece he created. And I’m not the first who realized his talent, so he already was on BBC Radio 1 ! Belive me I don’t exaggerate when I’m saying: This guy knows how to make samples even better !

Honestly he is one of my favourite musicians and I do not understand why he is still unsigned. Listen to his music and you will hear and FEEL that music matters ! At the moment there are new tracks out, I could hear all the time (for more: look at the end of the interview!). This filtered, sampled music ist so unbelievible f*** great. It’s music you can listen to at every day or night time, just put it on your mp3-player and LOVE IT !

So before the interview let me say some last words: It was real big pleasure to read and you will also recognize why. This guy is PURE AUTHENTIC !



Tell us what you love and what not about Athens.

In athens I love the nightlife cause everyday of the week there’s always something to do. I hate the morning traffic though 🙂

Which song is playing in the background in this moment ?

Alex Metric – Head Straight

Tell us what music means to You in 1 or 2 sentences.

Music is something I Do to get away from all the stress, it helps me relax and leave everything else behind for a while. Music is my drug I guess !

I guess we also know that feeling for sure 😉 !!!
And how would you describe your own music with a few keywords ?

Until now it was classic Disco House / french House mostly, later on I might do some other stuff too, who knows 🙂

What was the reason, why you started making music ?

I don’t know I’ve started since I was like 8 so I guess it’s something that makes me happy.

And what is your inspiration ?

Exams, when I’m in an exam period all good ideas come to my head 😛 .  It’s true !

Strange … a little bit. But who isn’t ?! 😉
Is there any intention/message in your music ? If Yes, which ?

To make people dance/sing/think, just that I guess nothing complicated.

I’ve been already successful ! I did all these things yet !
Why did you choose ‘Poka’ as your artist name ? Is there maybe a story behind or are these your names ?

It comes from my last name plus it’s easy to remember.

Where is the place you love to listen to music the most ? (unimportant whether it’s on your mp3-player or whether it’s live music)

Outdoor concerts

I give you some keywords and you say what comes spontaneously into your mind:

Daft Punk My heroes, they introduced me to house music back in 1996 w/ “Da Funk”
Oldies My Sample material !
Woman Source of all good and evil things
Rain Keeps me at home
Lonely Nights My latest track, hope you all like it 🙂

What is the question you ever wanted to be questioned and never been on an interview ? And answer it.

This one: “What is the question you ever wanted to be questioned and never been on an interview?”

And the answer is “this one”, lol – (this supposed to be funny)


Either … or … :

Coffee Tee (Ice tee)
(Belgian) Beer ↔ Wine
Muesli ↔ Burger
Sightseeing ↔ Beach Holiday
Morning GrumpinessEarly Riser
Optimist ↔ Pessimist
12″ ↔ CD/mp3

Long-Legged ↔ Buxom
Stylish ↔ Trendy
Calmer ↔ Hipper


What can we expect from you in the future? What are your plans and when maybe some new stuff will follow ?

Currently I’m thinking of making my productions better so I’m gonna concentrate more on quality rather than quantity so as to deliver some good stuff . So I guess new tracks will come after I take my holidays in August .
I also hope to arrange some gigs here in Athens or maybe somewhere else in Europe if that’s possible and finally be able to meet all those myspace friends I have all over the world!

This is my first interview and I hope it wont be the last , lol
Thanks : Doze for all the support , all the guys from myspace that are there for me ( they know who they are! ) , the bloggers and last but not least the fans !

I love the fact that you take your time for producing & quality and not the quantity ! BOTH THUMBS UP UP UP !!!


… okay, now I’m finished … speechless …

So take a look at Poka’s MySpace and check out “Lonely Night” and “StarCrash” , two excellent tracks w/ fantastic voices & samples ! Honestly I don’t know what I could say more … speechless ! And as a bonus-track POKA gives to all Dozing readers a special download of another great song called “The Way“.

Visit and Download:

Poka’s MySpace

Poka – The Way (on zShare)


… speechless …


Oh Riot !
June 9, 2009, 16:15
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Oh you know as much as I love French House and all the similar styles, I also love dirty electro. OH RIOT !!! Let me jump up and down throwing my hands in the air ! LET’S MAKE RACKET !!! :

Give Me A Kiss

Paris, France, once again we’ve got some unbelievible awesome stuff from there. The beats, the samples, the lavish bass will bash you directly into the face ! GIVE ME A KISS is an extraordinary artist name and who knows, maybe some of you will do this after listening.

No More Patient” or for example “The Week&” are songs I would like to hear in small electro trash clubs during night-dancing ! If you looking to blow your mind before a dirty friday or saturday night … You know exactly what to do 😉

Visit, SUPPORT & Download:

Give Me A Kiss’ Site

Give Me A Kiss – The Week&

Popular Computer – Darling (Give Me A Kiss Remix)


Oh Shit! - All Ova Yo Face Mix

OH SHIT! No I do not shout this out, it’s an artist name and nooo they aren’t from France but L.A., USA. In comment they’ve got w/ Give Me A Kiss the great sound. Weird sound and even more f*** up lyrics, just listen to “Romance” to get a new point of view on this topic.

You will like what they produce and in addition to their stuff, download the mixtape “All Ova Yo Face!“. Electro for dancing, what can I tell you more ?!?! Except: I don’t wanna talk to you … I just want your … 😉

Visit & Download & Playlist:

Oh Shit!’s MySpace

Oh Shit! – All Ova Yo Face Mix!

Donald Glaude – Let The Bass Drop
Neon Stereo feat. Whiskey Pete – Da Club (Dub Version)
Oh Shit! – Tha Illest feat. Messinian
SickBoy – Itch (Oh Shit! Remix)
Oh Shit! – Disgusting (Fat & Ugly Fuck That Remix)
Chew Fu – New York, New York (Big Room Mix)
A-trak & Laidback Luke – Shake It Down
Leon-Jean Marie – Bring It On (Jack Beats Remix)
Jack Beats & Dynamite MC – What
Oh Shit! – Pushin Harder
General Midi & Whiskey Pete – Get It Down
99Love – Flash That Skin (Oh Shit! Remix)
The Temper Trap – Science of Fear (The Count (aka Herve) Medusa Remix)
Haddaway – What Is Love? (Barletta Remix)
The Phantom’s Revenge – Burn Da Red Dog
Spencer & Hill – Dumb Party
Wolfgang Gartner – Clap (Kindergarten)
Lazaro Casanova – Venganza (Felix Cartel Remix)
Hostage – Murder Rocket
Hatiras – Out My Face feat. We Don’t Sleep
Spinnerette – Sex Bomb feat. Brody Dalle (Adam Freeland Remix)
Laidback Luke, Sebastian Ingrosso, Axwell, and Steve Angello – Leave The World Behind



And the last electro stuff for today is a mixtape from a small (and I mean really SMALL) club/bar or something like that. I can’t remember when exactly I mentioned this place, but I did. Every time I’m in and spend my time in POOCA, I have such a fantastic time ! It’s so undescribable, one have to experience it to understand what I mean. The crowd is fantastic and authentic and hell I love the big flashlight-machine on the ceiling.

Maybe the quality is not the best (try to turn up the bass and cut the high frequencies on your equalizer), however you can try to listen to the whole vibe in this place. It was recorded about 2:30-3:30 o’clock on the 16th of May, 2009. Enjoy!


Pooca 16th May, 2009


Oooooooooooooooohh !