What it’s all about

It’s take some time talking about music. You have to talk about feeling, emotion, impression, dreams, ideal, hope … about everything, shortly life !  A life without music wouldn’t be worth to be lived.

Once Brian Wilson said:

„ …I wanted to write joyful music that made other people feel good.
Music that helps and heals, because I believe that music is
God´s voice.“

Simple, but impressive and strong words, words that, how I think, say almost everything. Music is a gift, music can be your constant campanion. Music makes you feel happy, strong, calm, thoughtful, almost everything you want to. Music pleases you and never lets you alone. No matter how much I try to say or to describe, it will never be enough to fulfil music. You have to make this experience on yourself ! You see :

It’s more than just music !

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