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December 20, 2009, 19:01
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Let it snow Let it snow, hell it’s hard to remember to see such a mass of snow. 100% Unusual. Traffic chaos, mess, the people going wild because of this weather. And maybe this behavior reflects the best way how my past months looked like. The world changes every minute, second, moment and my life too. Thanks for this, because changeovers are important! I met different imposing and charming girls & boys. I get in touch more and more w/ Rock’n’Roll and Indie music.

You all out there know that music matters! Unimportant of style, age … Music expresses my life-situation and feelings. Music is full of energy. Honestly, because of the new stuff I listen to, and also love 😉 , I am apprehending House-music and all kind of lovely music in a different way. It is like a different point of view! And I love it!

To be honest, I don’t know how this blog will develop in the future. Maybe I will post ofterner or maybe not. I want to share my experience, but there are also more things I want to care of!


Almost 4 months without posting … leaving marks. Not to be up-to-date, only to realize sporadicely new stuff. To write about the last months … no way! So let us begin…today. THE PHANTOM’S REVENGE one of the first protagonists of the young electronic scene and now-a-days a well known artist, whose mixtapes are legendary!
GOOD GUYS WEAR BLACK is called his new masterpiece, 102min bunch full of different music-styles. You don’t have to love House or Electro, ’cause his choice of tracks is awesome, general-public-friendly and you can listen to it at home or during some get-togethers w/ all your friends in small apartment rooms.

Take also some time to take a look at his latest track MR. FAHRENHEIT, 100% authentic The-Phantom’s-Revenge-style 😀




CHROMEO had produced cool and brilliant songs yet! Now their new one is making your feet move. This fantastic song will put your mood on a higher level! I showed the vid one of my best friends and she fell in love with it! She called it a modern remake of the film “Dirty Dancing“, so girls take a look at these dancing moves 😉




FEAR OF TIGERS one name that punched unexpected into my face. Apparent it is THE artist you can’t ignore, talking about the whole electronic scene. Ben Berry from London, born in Japan, released this wonderful album for free. It is called Snufsigalonica and 10 songs are different, individual and you will love each of them! Fantastic vocal, big tune. I don’t know what makes it so special and awesome, but it won’t dissapoint you!
One of the best stuff since a while!!!
Be lovely to yourselves and get it!

The first track expresses the overall impression: I CAN MAKE THE PAIN DISAPPEAR !!!

1. I can make the pain disappear
2. What did I do?
3. The adventures of Pippi Longstrump
4. Cossus Snufsigalonica
5. Please Don’t leave
6. Friday night at geek club
7. Study hard drugs school
8. The rich cry too
9. Sirkka
10. Calling your name

It’s not all from him, in Gothenburg he and EDWIN VAN CLEEF played at the party I LOVE ELECTRO ! Both dj-sets are awesome! You should know, the first 20min of the 2nd part from Edwin are smooth and floor-filling, that I couldn’t resist:
I just turned up the volume on my headphone and gone wild at home!!! You should have seen the faces of whom who saw me … !!!




A lot of stuff, take the time for downloading all the music, it’s worth!!!
I just wish you a nice 4th Advent and before Christmas there will be posted a new mixtape by Stereo Dumb

Sincerly Yours, Doze



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YEAAAHHH!!! You’re back! I’m looking forward to see and hear new stuff on this page!

Comment by Korbi

Yey! doze is back! Thanks for all these stuff!

Comment by Sergio

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