Be careful as dancing …
September 20, 2009, 16:46
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Today let us take a look on an artist from the Netherlands, SIEVERT. Funky synthy house is his specialism. Using vocal samples the right way, will make you move your hips decently. “Dance Woman” causes what it is named, move smoothly away from your chair to the floor. “Sea Touch” non-vocal relaxing melody and funky-vocal stuff “Be Pleasant” should be in your focus for a while.
If you can’t get enough of the stuff, so check out my insiders’ tipSomeone Else” – fantastic using of a popular sample ! LOVE IT !

Visit & download, thanks to Sievert for offering us his stuff:

Sievert’s MySpace (incl. Someone Else!)

Sievert – Be Pleasant
Sievert – Dance Woman
Sievert – Sea Touch


… w/ someone else !


This time you say that you like me
September 17, 2009, 15:54
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Yesterday I found this f***ing awesome remix by Louis La Roché, this extraordinary young 18-years-old artist from UK. Louis is already well known for over a year. Everything started releasing his track “Love” so that people started assuming it was Thomas Bangalter. His unofficial free EP “The Peach EP” was bigger than big! Since then he released the “Me & Her” – mini album and now he loves to remix different stuff.

The latest remix is for DEL MARQUIS the guitarist of the Scissor Sisters. Louis’ work for the new song “Runaround” is in my eyes so much better than the original. I love the vocal parts, I can’t get enough. Everything sounds so dynamic and fresh, even if it sounds bit commercial … thanx Louis for this !!!

Visit: Louis La Roché’s MySpace (incl. “Runaround”)


Feeling so …


After Long Attempt
September 13, 2009, 20:38
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This weekend I had a game with my team and the evening before I planned to sleep about 8 hours. The problem was a bigger radio-station broadcasted a mixtape by DatA and hell it was so f***ing great. Once you started listening, you couldn’t stop! Plenty songs and a lot of different styles! …


The Ma¦éche¦ü Compilation (Front)

But now after long long …. longer attempt I’m glad to present to you a compilation of 3 artists from Calgary, Canada. The sound is electronic and soooooo awesome. Everything sounds professional you get the impression you’ve got a cd in your hands. I could name some facts about the artists and their MySpace-pages, but all you want to know, you’ll find on the EP.
Be sure PIERCE, ILLANGELO and 99 created one of the best compilations for long and once started you won’t stop listening (I couldn’t after almost 2 months)! Just get this EP, enjoy the electronical stuff and discover how different electronica could be.

3 artist = 3 different characters

Get It: The Mâché Compilation by Pierce, Illangelo & 99


… in silence …


Watch the sun come up
September 8, 2009, 17:22
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Hi everyone, hope you enjoyed this past sunny august. Maybe you were at the beach, in cool clubs, parties or made a barbecue w/ friends. Now it’s the time for such activities !

It’s long ago since the last post and at the end of this one you will find the download link for Joey Chicago‘s radio mixtape. For all who couldn’t listen to it live, you missed great fantastic Disco House.

The other thing during my long absense, honestly I had a lot of things on my mind, primary exams, is that I had no chance to stay tuned about the stuff which found the way onto plenty mp3-players. And by pure chance the only sound that filtered down to me, were some fantastic remixes for Gossip and brilliant remixes by FRED FALKE.

One remixed song is my personal Summer-feeling song (although it’s not the latest one), I love the original version and also what Fred Falke has done!

Great vid, or what do you thing ?! Here Fred’s work:


About the next artist I’ve never heard something before, but hell Fred’s remix of Bulletproof by LA ROUX … AWESOME ! Okay, the music-style is not new and it sounds a little bit known … but who cares !!!

La Roux’s MySpace (incl. the original vid)

Fred’s work:


Puuuh, almost forgotten the download-link for

JOEY CHICAGO on mth-House Radio during “Filtersessions”

Joey Chicago


Hope this is acceptable start after a long break and since now you will get more from Dozing – it’s a threat 😛