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July 29, 2009, 17:09
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Disco disco disco house ! JOEY CHICAGO released a bomb … spectacular, incredible sound. Oh I missed that and now a new song make me dance all nite long ! Check this promo direct from Joey himself. Don’t miss it and discover how brilliant the words “trying to say” perform magic !

And tomorrow the guy is on radio, so turn on your pc, visit mth-house-radio and fish your shiny disco balls out 😉

Joey’s MySpace

Joey Chicago – Trying To Say

Joey Chicago – Jane (it’s a cool “classic”)

Joey on



Something new from SILVER DISCO and you will love it, this well known sample won’t leave your head. Go out and check “Send Me Out For Love” !

Silver Disco’s MySpace


Trying to say … I love music 🙂


In Between
July 23, 2009, 18:50
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Oh, what a great time I had, a long weekend on the beach, swimming, playing volleyball and mountainbiking. Far away from Tv, the www and other stuff. Only sports and party. Hope you all enjoy the summer as much as I do 😉

For today only music stuff and just few words. I’m too busy for big words. Just enjoy the tunes ! It’s the stuff I listen to, ’cause I love it, no matter how old it is.



Old, but sooooo goooooood ! Cool, fresh samples. Just groove 😉 .  ASKINE – Macumba Knight


Zoot Woman + StadtKind

I remember I’ve heard this song the first time … long long ago and in my eyes a fantastic music video. It’s of the kind I like to see and hear even today. I the following remix is also bit older, but … ZOOT WOMAN – IT’S AUTOMATIC (STADTKIND REMIX)


daft punk + nightdrugs

Talking about DAFT PUNK and their music … endless ! As a big lover of this music, it’s sometimes hard to listen f***ing weak remixes. However NIGHT DRUGS made a fantastic job on “Face to Face” and it’s really worth to talk about it ! It’s amazing what you’ll find face to face

Night Drugs’ MySpace

Daft Punk – Face To Face (Night Drugs Rework)


your eyes ep

Great vocals, cool groove, just another fantastic song by Leonardus & Le Babar. French tune in Your Eyes _ 😛

My hint: >> if you visit Le Babar’s page, check out his It’s On You, you’ll recognize the used sample, GREAT! I also love the funky jazzy song Jazzin’ It <<

Leonardus’ MySpace

Le Babar’s MySpace

Your Eyes EP (download)


Next the promised electronica EP !!!


Cool or Warm? HOT!

First of all: I’m sorry dear readers and blog-visitors! I know I promised a new post since … long long ago. I really try my best, but I’m busy at the moment. Day after day I’m preparing for exams, trying to find time for friends and supporting my sport team on weekends. In my head are lot of ideas for new posts … and because after this weekend the summer break will start in sport, I hope to post more!

——————————————————————————————————————Club-a-Club Warm edition

Do you remember ALLEN WALKER ?! And do you remember how I fell in love w/ his song “Hurt“?! Now everyone can get it! Do you remember POKA‘s promising art-work “Lonely Nights“?! You can get it too! Do you remember MILAS and his cool summer-breeze tracks?! Once again, you can get the awesome vocal version of “Punta Cana (part2)” too!

And the best fact is, you only need to download one file !!! Club-A-Club Records congregates a lot of fantastic artist w/ the love for French House. Get this 2-in-1 compilation w/ Demasi Meets Koki, Spermstars, Leonardus and many many more on it !!!


So let us take a deeper look and highlight some unbelievible f***ing great audio-art !!!! (I know it’s uncool to highlight some tracks, ’cause each track is brilliant, but …) :


From the “Cool Edition”:

—  first the artist NO HOMO and his “Malibu Sunsets“, I LOVE THE PIANO and this WHOOO-WHOUUU!!! 300% pure catchy tune, I can’t and won’t get it out of my head!
Milas, Poka, Allen Walker … everything is said yet: Unbelievible & talented !
LA FUSA w/ “You can’t Stop It” and once again I fall in love w/ a piano, everything cool, fresh… best for summer.
TZARR‘s “You Are My Necessary Love” brings a deep strong bass and a female voice back … emotions !
CRYDA LUV’ presents a new tune w/ a classic sound, this is French House !


From the “Warm Edition”:

SPERMSTARS brings back some funky cutten filter samples, enjoy “Lovin’ Slut
— Don’t forget about Disco House ! DJ EQ w/ “Got Feelin’” and our old good friend JOEY CHICAGO w/ “The Way That You Feel” show us the way to their special unmistakeable sound ! sdfasf
SIEVERT & FIERCE CITY … let the funky filter tunes be w/ you !!! “Dance Woman… “La Musique Fantastique
HONOM takes us on a journey into the electronical sound and hell I love this Water Proof” trip !



So boys & girls download, dream, enjoy, dance ! Club-A-Club Records say about:

Cool edition: Spacey beach house music..
Warm edition: Yacht Disco..

My conclusion: COOL OR WARM ??? —–> HOT !!!


Download & visit:

Club-A-Club Records’ MySpace

Download the Compilation


Take A Dance w/