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May 13, 2009, 19:51
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Hell, the last days I had been without internet and telephone, my provider called it “complications” … imagine you want to write for your blog, being at home and then bang! no internet …
Now enjoy the upcoming sound (a lot of music for today πŸ˜‰ ):

Madison Avenue EP - Artwork

SILVER DISCO and THE DISKO STARZ w/ a new EP Madison Ave. Strong EP you shouldn’t miss. In my eyes the biggest track on this EP, for which only it woud be worth to download the whole EP is “Lady Love“. This track has got a big strong voice, great background vocals, funky sound and the lyric is predestinated to sing it all time long. Don’t miss this masterpiece !!!

But stop, this EP is also full of other great songs, another one “Play Those Horns“, I mean it is exactly what French House music is all about. I am not able to describe it, you should pay attention to this track. And for my taste I love the fact The Disko Starz found once more the way back to their early sound style like the 2008 hits “Tonight Tonight” or “Paris By Night” are made of (on this way you should check the new song Not Again?! on their MySpace) !!! I love this french touch baby πŸ˜‰

Visit and Download:

Silver Disco’s MySpace & The Disko Starz’s MySpace

Madison Ave EP (2009)


Fragnance of Love

THE DISKO STARZ the second and this time w/ COEUR D’AMOUR. And it’s also all about a new EP, it’s Fragnance Of Love. I don’t want to say too much, but wonderful funky and wonderful smooth sounds you will find on it. The guest track by INVENTUS is well chosen, pumping but soft bassline and a melody you can’t get enough. It’s made for relaxing and dreaming. You don’t believe me, okay than convince yourselves immediately.

Big big funky tunes you should also heard once, but for here and now I would like to highlight the soft aspect of the EP, ’cause you know I love to dream and close my eyes: Smooth Thoughts is made for this ! At the moment one of my favourite calmer songs. I promise after listening, you will understand what I mean.

Visit and Download:

Coeur D’Amour’s MySpace & The Disko Starz’s MySpace

Fragnance Of Love EP


House is back milas

Stand up Move your feet, MILAS is back w/ a new EP House Is Back. Since here today’s EP’s were funky and smooth, this one is only cool. Cool house sound, sound for dancing and moving. Fresh synthys and vocal-samples. Clear sound remains no questions. It’s up to you: SWING YOUR HIP !!!

Two songs I want you to pay attention to: Seven Night and Yeah Baby. Do you have a deja-“Γ©coutΓ©” ?! You should have, the second one goes like this Music Is The Answer … πŸ˜‰
And the first one will blow your mind w/ its female voice and the Stay The Night … πŸ˜‰

Visit and Download:

Milas’ MySpace (there you will find the playlist)

House Is Back EP


… to love


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Can someone give me a link to “Madison Avenue EP”, please I want so much, really appreciate it a lot.

Comment by Eduardo

SOMEONE PLEASE!! Anyone can upload THIS “MADISON AVENUE EP. ” Seriously I NEED AND WANT. IS THE eternally grateful. PLEASE

Comment by Eduardo

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