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April 20, 2009, 18:23
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Darling Records

IN HOUSE WE TRUST is the slogan of DARLING RECORDS. It is founded by AXEL LE BARON & JULIEN KOURBATOFF and they try to bring back the original French House from the 90’s.

They try to make their own stuff, using the French House style. And the new fantastic smash French House track Music Is The Danger will blow your mind. Honestly you will have the need to listen to it over and over again.
It belongs to the category which is once in your head, won’t leave it voluntarily ! Can’t get enough if it !!!!!!!


Darling Records’ MySpace

Darling Records’ Homepage incl. a free mixtape by Axel Le Baron



Now let us concentrate on something more smooth … no smoother … it’s not enough … get ambient !

DEKOI released a new EP called SELECT AMBIENT and if you are looking for some electronic ambient stuff, you found it.
Let your ideas fly away and discover some Daft Punk Samples. Did you already found them ?! The track Midnight Wonderland you will recognize from the Wrath Of Zeus EP I’ve talked about some months ago and yet pointed out this fantastic track !

I don’t want to tell you something about each song, ’cause you should make the experience on yourselves, but In The End is the most harmonious one on the EP and it sounds so utterly !

Visit, download, playlist & love:

Dekoi’s MySpace

Dekoi – Select Ambient

Dekoi – Intro
Dekoi – Heartline
Dekoi – In The End
Dekoi – Midnight Wonderland
Dekoi – High On Harmony
Dekoi – Stop


Super Ero

At the end we turn harder … electronic … electro stuff !!!

I don’t want to lose too much words, but I got something for you, my dear readers, something for free from SUPER ERO from France. And it’s also not the first time I’ve talked about these artists. They still produce dirty dancefloor electro, stuff that seems so ordinary … but it makes you move and gets you into a kind of a trance. So check it out !!!

Download, visit & support:

Super Ero’s MySpace

Super Ero – Kawab
Super Ero – Roy


Opposites makes the day !


Happy Easter !
April 12, 2009, 21:53
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Gentlemen Thieves

First of all I wish you Happy Easter !!! Enjoy this fantastic time and search for some downloads on Dozing.

New York is the place to be. GENTLEMEN THIEVES creates fantastic and groovy house sound. You will love it and all the smooth, but funky and dancefloor-ready stuff. Magic, Mr. X are two fantastic songs you will put on your mp3-player, if you would hear them the first time.
But listen to Wild Card and Starlight, these songs are also recommended highly !!!

NOOOOOOW visit, download, listen, support:

Gentlemen Thieves’ MySpace

Gentlemen Thieves – Magic
Gentlemen Thieves – Mr. X
Gentlemen Thieves – Wild Card
Gentlemen Thieves – Starlight


my heart

New new stuff from LEONARDUS, yes yes yes a lot of fantastic fresh house. I had already written about this guy and hell he know what he is doing ! His sound is rockin’. Awesome house stuff in origins ! All the stuff is working without big gimmickry and if you like his first EP The Womanizer, you will also love the following tracks. A lot of tracks, ’cause he was really hard-working without loosing quality !!!

I want to underline My Love, ’cause I love the vocal parts and Is This Funky Enough?, ’cause it is funky … hell what I am talking about, all his tracks are worth to be underlined !!!

Check IT out !!! :

Leonardus’ MySpace

Leonardus – My Love (Original Mix)
Leonardus – Twist
Leonardus – Is This Funky Enough?

It’s a Love Thing on Saturday Mini EP (incl. Love Thing, Saturday)



Last but not least, check out a funky EP, it is from MILAS and I extremely recommend the song Caraibes, this funky funny tune makes me smile all the time. The sound is funny on a very positiv way. Check his EP out, download it and you will also love it. Today is the day of smooth sounds and the Sun EP isn’t an excption. Smooooth all the time !!!

Go out and enjoy the SUN 😉

Download and Playlist and a lot of SUN :

Milas’ MySpace

Milas – Sun EP

Milas – Caraibes
Milas – Never Give Me
Milas – Miami Beach
Milas – Vice Versa




It’s Bedtime
April 6, 2009, 18:15
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In Bed w/ Dj Puipui

Oh oh, do you enjoy the sunny weather as much as I do? I hope so, it’s such a beautiful spring. Good feelings are in the air. Maybe it is one of some reasons I didn’t blog as much I could. Go out, enjoy every single breathe !!!

But now we want to go to bed w/ DJ PUIPUI and I am not able to imagine how I should rest calm there. This new mixtape makes me move, makes me smile, … I told you Good feelings are in the air 😉

Last nite a dj saved my life … with goooood house musique …

Visit & support:

Dj Puipui’s MySpace

Download & don’t stop smilling

Dj Puipui – Live In My Bed Volume01 (or here )


Go out, have fun