March 26, 2009, 17:05
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Stereo Dumb - Headache

Wooow, it’s a long long time ago I had blogged something … but I’m back in business ! Back for blogging. Now my exams are over and I can concentrate on other topics than only learning. I have to admit that I wasn’t able to stay on top of things, so first of all, I should put myself up-to-date.

However STEREO DUMB have send me a new mixtape. You can’t pigeon-hole him, ’cause if you think you will get some House stuff … no way, this time it’s Electro, dirty electro for bouncing. 45min great and pumping sound, get up and pull the volume up.

Headache is called the new mixtape and maybe it describes it the best way. As you can see on the cover it will make you shout ! (and dance 😉 )
So get it and enjoy !

Download & Playlist:

Stereo Dumb’s Headache

01. Mustard Pimp – Gold
02. Night Drugs – Super Chichi
03. BUL!M!ATRON! – Stab Attack (Mr. Gaspar Remix)
04. Mo Do – Ein, Zwei, Polizei (Mustard Pimp Remix)
05. Super Ero – Code 128
06. Night Drugs – Digithall ND Remix
07. Bonde Do Role – Solta O Frango (LAZRtag Remix)
08. Electrika – Sem Calcinha Ela Ja Ta (Bsbtrgd Club Mix)
09. High Powered Boys – Hoes Get Down (Kry-Ion Gone Ghetto Remix)
10. Sound Of Stereo – Heads Up (Mightyfools Remix)
11. Turbo P – Kittens
12. Killmolly – Hungarian Beat
13. Jane Bang – She’s Hott (Mary Velo Remix)
14. Super Ero – 119 Ero Urgency
15. Killmolly – Le Chat Noir
16. Dali & Dinamite – What Have You Done (Edit)

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For today I’ve got something special only for the readers of Dozing, SKINGZ has send me some of his fantastic and awesome music for FREE DOWNLOAD (Already wrote about the tracks) ! This artist isn’t a dark horse anymore, he is producing on top !

Support him and enjoy his stuff !!!


SKingz – Light Stepper (ORIGINAL MIX)
SKingz – Got that feeling (Original Mix)
SKingz – Falling in Love (Original Mix)

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So hott ?!


Watch The Stars
March 13, 2009, 21:50
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During the last days I needed and still need stuff for relaxing, for dreaming … dreaming far away. Sometimes you need to get away from it all. So I fished Moon Safari out of my cds. It’s from the year 1998 and it’s undescribable. Close your eyes and be astounded !
All I Need makes my heart cry, take these 5 minutes only for yourself, don’t care what happen around you, let the world stand still.

And if you like it, go out and get Moon Safari by AIR and you will also come across songs you already have heard once (just some keywords: Sexy Boy, Kelly Watch The Stars) ! This cd is good value and more than it !!!

[The official video you can find here]


loveSKingz we already know. Falling in Love is the fresh new hit. Published on time for spring and weekend. You will sing and you will love the track. Light-hearted and it’s amazing how fast you become satisfied and happy !

Could it be, I’m falling in love ? … Yes I do 😉


SKingz MySpace

SKingz – Falling In Love


Watch the stars and fall in love


Less words, more music
March 8, 2009, 23:16
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the womanizer ep

Okay, I had a lot of work, problems and so on. And now I have the problem, that there is a lot of stuff I want to talk about. Maybe not the latest, ’cause you know “work”.
So for today I try to talk less and to bring more music to you! Even though I know, I should use big words. But mind, it’s about music and not words, so listen and love it.

LEONARDUS brings back again music with pure ‘French Touch’ to Dozing. No Disco, no electro, no distraction, only pure and finest French House ! No gimmickry and thanks to him for this strict golden thread, ’cause you will love the cool and cordial sound. Download the free EP Womanizer and find out why it’s on my current music-playlist !


Leonardus’ MySpace

Download & support:

Leonardus – Womanizer EP

01. Leonardus – Womanizer (Original Mix)
02. Leonardus – Smile (Original Mix)
03. Leonardus – Sweet (Original Mix)


Coeur D'Amour

COEUR D’AMOUR should had been mentioned on this blog a few weeks earlier. I’m sorry for that delay, ’cause this Norwegian artist really does a brilliant work. Wild Lovin’ and Her Disco are both wonderful French House tracks with all the typical aspects good songs should possess ! Honestly it’s fresh and ‘frenchy’ with all this smooth filters. Be good to yourselves and listen to this stuff !


Coeur D’Amour’s MySpace



POKA and THE DISKO STARZ created a fantastic track, one of the kind I could hear all the time. I love the samples, the vocal, the sound, EVERYTHING ! It blows your mind and never ever will leave it again. Still Don’t Wanna is a masterpiece I do wanna !

The song brought Poka back into my mind. Your Affection, Your Dream or 1987, it’s unimportant which one, you will feel kind of a soul in each song. It will make you feel better, make you stand up and dance !
And if you missed the Blast From The Past EP, download it immediately !


Poka’s MySpace (incl. Your Affection, Your Dream & 1987)

The Disko Starz’s MySpace (ceck also Silverstarz out! )

Download past EP:

On Dozing: My Delight Pt.2



MONOSPACE published something big new. Till Love, I love the vocal sample, I love the crazy sound sample (first time to hear about 1min 50sec), ’cause it makes me spin around ! It’s pumping filteres vocal French House. No more words needed, ’cause it is also on my current music-playlist 😉

Visit & Listen:

Monospace’s MySpace


Shining Symbol

Hope your concentration is still alive, ’cause you need it a last time. You won’t regret it, so go ahead carefully.

A lot of people talk about SHINING SYMBOL nowadays. Uninteresting … but the music all the more ! The stuff sounds brilliant. Cool filtered House. Some tracks contain ‘old school’ soul-voices. A lot of groove in the dazzling songs with a lot of surprising and refreshing sound-effects. Love it Love it Love it.

Some minutes ago Shining Symbol putted some new tracks on MySpace. I can’t get enough of Brand New Love and Volante, I want these mp3 … now !!!
But don’t miss the other brilliant songs: Control, I Want You, Clap Clap and Home Home Home.

Visit & enjoy:

Shining Symbol’s MySpace


Shining Symbol – Control

Shining Symbol – I Want You


Hope You like my current music-playlist 😉


Time for Disco
March 3, 2009, 18:34
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Joey Chicago

This time we will talk about the finest disco vocal house ! Fish out the disco balls, throw everything out of your room and shake your lazy bones to the upcoming smash hits !

Young and talented, this is JOEY CHICAGO ! Be sure, listening to his music, the fantastic vocal parts and this beat that makes you shake shake shake, you will have the need to listen to it over and over again. I do so ! Once opened, it is playing all day long.
And you will also be a victim of Your Sweet Loving, Dream About You, After Midnight, Jane and the Happy Happy Happy Remix !
Each song makes me sing the refrain and Jane makes me rock. Yes ROCK ! This combination of a piano and the guitar: AWESOME !!!

So don’t waste time and visit his MySpace, check out each and every single SMASH HIT !!! If you don’t do this … it’s your waste …

And now there is something really special for you, my dear readers ! Right now you’ve got the chance to download an unpublished song by Joey Chicago ! Yes, UNPUBLISHED, specially for Dozing Music and YOU !
I promise this track belongs to the upper class of Disco House !!!


Joey Chicago’s MySpace

Special Download for Dozing Music:

Joey Chicago – Make You Mine (on Mediafire)

Joey Chicago – Make You Mine (on zShare)


Agent Stereo

AGENT STEREO and we are still talking about big Disco Vocal House. This artist will also blow your mind with his sexy sound. Agent Stereo will also take you on a journey of full cheerfulness, so don’t be a geek, get up and boogie !
In one of the songs it’s said The Sound is indescribable and these are words of truth. You can’t describe such feelings that the sound will cause.

Sexy Disco makes you boogie, specially I like the vocal part round about 4min30sec. You might also, although the song is from 2008.
She is a little bit different ’cause of an Asian touch, I tell you fantastic !
And check out Fancy Dancer (also for free download, thanks to Agent Stereo) and shake your hips !

Visit & enjoy all the brilliant tracks on:

Agent Stereo’s MySpace

Special Download:

Agent Stereo – Fancy Dancer (Radio Mix)

Agent Stereo – Sexy Disco

See on youtube:

Agent Stereo – She


Dj Puipui

Okay this is real long post, but I also have to mention the next songs, ’cause it would be a sin, if not.
DJ PUIPUI, the attentive readers of this blog will know this guy yet, ’cause he is also known as … ! Ordinarily under the artist-name Dj Puipui, he creates more electonic stuff (maybe I’m wrong, but it seems to me so), but now there are some cool fresh house tracks out. And I love them. Specially Everybody Get Up The Boogie, which is Disco Vocal House and sooo fine !

So go on his page and discover also Est Quest Sud Nord or Pride Of The Morning or I Can Need My Love and Why You Does Not Like Me !


Dj Puipui’s MySpace


Shiny Disco Balls