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February 26, 2009, 22:04
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Cryda Luv'

CRYDA LUV’ from France, already written about him, so you should know how much I love his music ! The Finest in French House ! I mean the sound should be a tribute to the French Record Label Crydamoure, so one could think Crydamoure overshadows Cryda Luv’, but STOP this thought immediately !
The sound of Cryda Luv’ is so awesome and brilliant that I’m not able to express or describe it with my vocabulary. Finally the music is what this blog is all about:
It’s more than just music !

Before the interview I want to present to you his Mixtape Volume 1. Just only download it for free and enjoy. You won’t regret it.

Playlist and Download:

Cryda Luv’s Mixtape Volume 1

001 – Fresh – Daft Punk
002 – Gym Tonic – Bob Sinclar
003 – Valentine – Cryda Luv’
004 – Love – Louis La Roche
005 – Lover In Me – Moulinex
006 – Intergalactik Disko – Le Knight Club
007 – Absolute Ego Riot (Louis La Roche Remix) –
……..The Phantom’s Revenge
008 – Primary School – Axel Le Baron
009 – Spinal Scratch – Thomas Bangalter
010 – Enjoy (The Disko Starz Edit) – Cryda Luv’
011 – Degradage (Thony Ritz Remix) – Cryda Luv’
012 – Est Ouest Sud Nord (Disco Mix) – DJ Puipui
013 – Summer In The Snow – Sebastien Léger
014 – Alan Braxe – Intro
015 – Burnin – Daft Punk

Now it makes me proud and glad to present to you the interview, hope it will bring joy to you.



What does make the music of Crydamoure Records so special for you ?

I do see Crydamoure as a label, which without big commercials, has touched many people. A great story was created with fans, waiting impatiently for the next release. It’s a typical example of sound, with amazing loops. So great.

Which song is playing in the background in this moment ?

Hot Chip – Hold On (DIM Remix)
Moulinex – Lover In Me
Yuksek – Tonight
MR Oizo – Gay Dentist
The Rolling Stones – Satisfaction

Tell us what music means to You in 1 or 2 sentences.

Music is universal and exists for everyone. It’s the best way of evasion and, just for one song, to forget all problems and worries.

I know exactly what you mean !
And how would you describe your own music with a few keywords ?

Simply: refreshing, charming, amusing, disco, filter

What was the reason, why you started making music ?

There is no single reason. I love music since my youngest days and I have always lived with it. In 1999 I decided to play the music I love the way I wished and I wanted to see it evolved.
I started with editing copy/cut samplers and with random tries. Then, with the help of new software and composition material to write music by yourself, I was able to accomplish this dream again and again.

And what is your inspiration ?

Just as it is coming to me: Daft Punk, Crymadoire, Alan Braxe, Patrick Alavi, DJ Sneak, Démon, Sébastien Léger, Fred Falke, Cassius and even more.

Great artists so far.
Is there any intention/message in your music ? If Yes, which ?

Peace and love flew in the music. Music don’t have rules or laws.
No war, no violence. Even more, anyone can do it, and pay tribute to all artists.

You are also known as Dj Puipui, so tell us: What were your biggest and the most terrible moments as a Dj ?

My best moment: my sister’s wedding ! It was a good challenge, because I had to mix disco, rock, and not forget about zouk and rap. It was a great evening and such a pleasure to listen from time to time the mix.

My worst moment: an improvised mix in the “dub café”, a french bar. There no vinyl that I was used to mix in the dj’s selection and some very techno parts, with on top of that a synchronisation problem with the BPM, it was an hard time!

Where is the place you love to listen to music the most ? (unimportant whether it’s on your mp3-player or whether it’s live music)

In my living room to discover news on blogs. In my bed to sleep. Or mostly in my car when I work, because 75% of my work is in my car, always, everywhere !

There already was another big artist on Let Us Know who also loves listening in his car. Hazard ?!
I give you some keywords and you say what comes spontaneously into your mind:

Daft Punk Revelation !
Nu Rave missed
Love Is what i need…
Red Is dead…
Sunglasses at night…so easy…

What is the question you ever wanted to be questioned and never been on an interview ? And answer it.

What can we be awaiting in the upcoming months ?

Many songs which, I hope, would please Crymadoure’s fans. More successfull mixtapes, remix of my favourites artists, and if everything is going fine, an album with lots of good sounds !


Either … or … :

Coffee ↔ Tee
Beer ↔ Wine
Muesli ↔ Burger
Sightseeing ↔ Beach Holiday
Morning Grumpiness ↔ Early Riser
Hotel ↔ Camper
Lobster ↔ Steak
Optimist ↔ Pessimist
Sweet ↔ Salty
Bar ↔ Club
12″ ↔ CD/mp3

Clever ↔ Beautiful
Long-Legged ↔ Buxom
Brunette ↔ Blond
Stylish ↔ Trendy
Calmer ↔ Hipper


Thank you Cryda Luv’ for your time, I can hardly wait for new stuff from you! It was a big pleasure for me interviewing you. Wish you all the best for the future !


Cryda Luv’s MySpace

See also on Dozing Music:

So Much Love

It’s Done

Listen also on:

Stereo Dumb’s Magnifique

Stereo Dumb’s Daydream


Peace & Love !


Tik Tak Tik Tak
February 23, 2009, 20:43
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Micky Green

This post is once more written spontaneously. But be sure and don’t panic the next interview is almost finished and new disco and french house will also follow the next days.

But now take a look on MICKY GREEN from Australia and her charming voice. She never lost her passion for music out of sight, although her career started as a model, ’cause she wanted to see the world and to earn some money for new iPods that she loses with the regularity of a dreamer. Six so far ! Seriously !!!

If you like the following song, visit her MySpace, enjoy the three other awesome tracks and buy her album White T-Shirt !


Micky Green’s MySpace



Discover on yourselves, why it’s TIK TAK TIK TAK 😉


Hana Yori Tysaun … what ?!
February 22, 2009, 09:00
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Hana Yori Kichou Na

You see, a lot of stuff on the blog for the last days. And we keep on w/ artists w/ some different names.

HANA YORI KICHOU NA is the first name where you might thought What?! But this isn’t a blog about names, it’s about music. And this music is worth to be mentioned. It’s pumping house, I mean I love the song Le Parfum Edit with its electronic parts and because of them this stuff sounds some kind of different to other french or disco house tracks. Brilliant !
On the other hand there is Les Amoureux that sounds so smooth and lovely, it’s made for closing your eyes !

But check also the other tracks out and the Valentine’s Day Mixtape, about 10min a combination of electro, house classics and funky stuff.


Hana Yori Kichou Na’s MySpace


Hana Yori Kichou Na’s Valentine’s Day Mixtape


Tysaun Alexanderic

TYSAUN ALEXANDERIC is the next not easy artist name. The sound is different to describe, but it’s a combination of some housy parts mixed with electronica and a big piece of funk. I tell you, it doesn’t only sounds interesting, it’s on its way cool. Check it out !!!

My personal favourite is Your Love, it’s a big tune ! You can also download a promo for free w/ a remix of Michael Jackson’s Hot Street and T.A. song Seduction.
Both will pump you forward, so download and support !


Tysaun Alexanderic’s MySpace


Free Promo: Hot Street & Seduction


Silver Disco

SILVER DISCO is an easy artist name and the following EP is meantime available for longer. The Silver Starz EP brings to you two fantastic tracks + two remixes. They are not as fast as other French house tracks, but you will feel, like in each and every track from Silver Disco, that they putted all their heart into it ! This should had told you everything. Enjoy it !


Silver Disco’s MySpace

Download & Playlist:

Silver Disco – Silver Starz EP

Silver Disco – Silver Krystal
Silver Disco – Wanting You
The Disko Starz – De La Touch (Silver Disco Edit)
Silver Disco – Wanting You (Dirty Funk Edit)


Go Out Have Fun


3 little words
February 21, 2009, 15:41
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It’s a wonderful day, ’cause the exam was great and my espresso-machine by Gaggia arrived. How could I lived without a self-made espresso?

This blog-post is like the last one spontaneous. My lill’ brother and me listened to the following song, we both know for longer and suddenly he asked me: “Why didn’t have you put this on your blog yet?” – good question, here is my answer:


When I look into your eyes


No Aphrodisiac
February 20, 2009, 21:19
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You know … tomorrow is my next exam, so I’m a little bit nervous.
For relaxing I’m looking around MySpace for some new music stuff and I found a lot house and so on.
But by pure chance I found myself on an Australian MySpace-profile and there was this brilliant song, where I immediately thought:
Wooow !!!

After some search, I decided spontaneously to share it w/ you, ’cause … listen yourselves:


Truth, Beauty and a picture of you


February 18, 2009, 21:59
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The last days were cold and full of work. But it’s okay, ’cause it snows and the sun shined warmly. The result of it was this feeling inside that made you go out, enjoy the wonderful weather and dream about warm and sunny spring days.

IKKI it’s the name of the Spanish electro artist whose remixes will blow your mind. Pumpin’ forward electro which is made for the dance floor. Scream and jump to the sound of Cowboy From Hell (Remix), Slayer (Remix) or fantastic Tion (Remix) !!!


Ikki’s MySpace


Cowboy from Hell – Pantera (Ikki’s Remix)


Dali & Dinamite

DALI & DINAMITE also from Spain are two beautiful DJanes ! The music they play is fantastic big electro and it’s a little bit trashy. What Have You Done is smooth deep electro, if one could call it so. Close your eyes while dancing and let the beat take you away.
I woke up with these two guys in my bed … but I was suddenly naked

Visit and enjoy:

Dali & Dinamite’s Myspace (incl. What Have You Done + Some Mixtapes)



KILLMOLLY‘s stuff I know since a few hours and it is more than electro, it is pure trash! French trash style you will love, ’cause it sounds weird, crazy and nu rave. Music that should be played on every electro/trash party in cool small clubs. Go wild !

My favourite track is Le Chat Noir, but check also out Steak Vs. Freat, Hungarian Beat, Kinder Practise, Billie Jean Remix and Telephone Bleu !!!


Killmolly’s MySpace


coming up on the 21st of February !!!


Tzzz tzzz tzzz bang

It’s done
February 14, 2009, 20:41
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Yeeees, I pass the exam !!! I’m extremely happy about this fact, it made this day much brighter. And the fact that I’ll get a new Espresso-machine makes it also brighter.

So now I can keep up the writting. First of all let us talk about ASKINE from France. I love his stuff, some of you may already know “Black Lips“, a song everybody should know! Great vocal, big beat, one of the best songs from 2008 ! “Ta Nite“, non vocal and smooth synthy part are not only for relaxing, the groove the beat makes you shake a little bit. It’s funky on its way and it sounds so wide that you think you fly.
At this point you see, we are not talking about music only for small clubs, it’s music for a big crowd without loosing its quality !
And the best example is “& You” !!! Check it out, you’ll know what I mean !!!


Akine’s MySpace

Askine on Fairtilizer (& You, Black Lips and Ta Nite)



MONOSPACE and we’re still in France. Last posts full of French stuff, this post …
Loving You and Never Let Go, two songs similar to the sound of the mixtape MAGNIFIQUE, real cool filtered vocal disco house !

Yes, you should pay attention to MONOSPACE !

Visit & enjoy:

Monospace’s MySpace (+ Loving You and Never Let Go)


Belgian Beer and SKingz

BELGIAN BEER and SKINGZ belong to my favourite artists, so it’s not the first time I mention them on this blog.
But now happened something brilliant, something awesome, it is a perfect fusion (!!!), each of them made a remix for the other one !
Funky funky funky fresh house, the finest you can get !

SKINGZ also made a new track called Got That Feeling and it’s also worth to be mentioned !!! The song sounds like all tracks from SKingz: BRILLIANT !!!


SKingz’s MySpace (+ Got That Feeling)

Belgian Beer’s MySpace

Download & support:

Belgian Beer – Keep On Singing (SKingz Remix)

SKingz – The Fakie & The Neighbour (Belgian Beer Remix)


Cryda Luv - Valentine

It’s Valentine’s day, so the last post is about the song Valentine from CRYDA LUV’ !!! The typical Cryda Luv’ sound plus a little bit more Looooove in this brilliant track. You will LOVE IT, ’cause I do !

Don’t miss this warm-hearted declaration of love !!!

Visit and Love:

Cryda Luv’ s MySpace (+ Valentine)


Big Love to all of you !!!

Super Ero Night Drugs

Some of you already know, my first exam will be this week and this fact makes me nervous, stressed and my head is full of every stupid idea you can imagine. I’m restless all day long. So I do not find the time for the blog, although I already got a long list with stuff, I want to present to you !
So sorry that the following post won’t be online before next weekend.

In this blog I will say only one or two words about trashy electro and nu rave, ’cause these kind of music I’m listening at the moment and I need  it ! It makes my head empty and lets me forget about everything.
So enjoy the following two artists SUPER ERO and NIGHT DRUGS and some more MUSIC-DOWNLOADS than usual.


Super Ero

SUPER ERO from France, they are two as you can see on the picture. Mmmmhh… what else can I tell you?! Big fat trash tunes I love, the stuff sounds simple but is brilliant and pumps with the bass and filtered sequences directly into my head. Throw your hands up in the air, jump, get mad … when I grow up.

Don’t miss 119 ERO Urgency with his dirty bass and the “ba ba-ba bap”.
Don’t miss Maybe with his fusion of female vocal parts and trash sound.
Don’t miss Code 128 and his pushing forward parts.
Don’t miss Once Again and his “When I grow Up”.


Super Ero’s MySpace


Night DrugsWe stay in France with NIGHT DRUGS. I LOVE THEM TOO, their stuff makes you jump, makes you party, you forget about everything what is around you. Turn the volume up, feel the bass, throw the furniture out of the window and let yourselves go. This is Electro I need !!!

Don’t miss Rapture Remix, it makes you addicted.
Don’t miss Dirty Disco Youth RMX with dirty electro sounds.
Don’t miss Super Chichi and his forward-pumping.
Don’t miss She’s good for Biz Reedit, it’s a catchy tune.


Night Drugs’ MySpace



At last some music that will blow your mind. Music of this kind is played in a small and familiar location in my hometown that you can’t describe as a club, but where every weekend the atmosphere is awesome.


Dope P – Back To Da Old Future

Romulus & Remus – Rar (Dirty Disco Youth Remix)

LMFAO – I’m In Miami Bitch (Teh Interweb Kidz Remix)

Turbo P – Kittens

BUL!M!ATRON – Stab Attack (MR. GASPAR Remix)

Cold Blank – Calaca

Fckn Crew – Challenger (Krylon Rework)

High Powered Boys – Hoes Get Down (Kry-lon Gone Ghetto Rmx)

Billion Dollar Djs – Sugoi!


Be cool, Be Strong !

February 3, 2009, 19:24
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Ooooh, it’s no secret, that I love the mixtapes from STEREO DUMB. They are awesome and they give me such a positive feeling. Now, there’s a new one out and I am sooo in Love with it ! I mean it’s called MAGNIFIQUE and it describes exactly what it sounds like.
Cool, fresh and funky disco house sound. A mixtape full of smash hits (we all know them already), you will dance to, shout them out, have a great, fantastic & awesome time !!!

I could write a lot more about it, but unimportant what I would say, it would end with this one statement:
J’adore “Magnifique” !

Download & Playlist:

Stereo Dumb – Magnifique

Kool & The Gang – Be My Lady (Discorockets Remix)
High Life – A Kind Of Feeling
Skingz – Just For Your Love
Tzarr – Carrot Funk
The Disko Starz – On Your Love
Lucknow – Need Lovin’
Demasi meets Kokii – Love To Tease
John Julius Knight – Find A Friend
Tzarr – Dirty Lady (Divinity Remix)
Cryda Luv’ – Come Back Fresh Lover
Skingz – Wicked Piano Man
LeBatman – Alphaville
Dan Hartman – Instant Replay (The Phantom’s Revenge Remix)
Cryda Luv’ – Enjoy
Poka – My Love Is Here To Stay
The Funk Soul Brothers – Love On Me
Pierce – Good Friends

Download Older mixtapes:

Stereo Dumb – Elektrophil (it’s brilliant Electro, most THE PHANTOM’S REVENGE ! )

Stere Dumb – Daydream (House sounds)

Older posts about ELEKTROPHIL & DAYDREAM:

Dirty Dirty Dirty (about ‘Elektrophil’)

Winter Mood (about ‘Daydream’)