Belgian Delight
January 26, 2009, 20:29
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Belgian Delight

BELGIAN BEER, yeeeeeeeeeeeesss this is brilliant House music ! There’s one thing you can believe in: EVERY MIXTAPE THIS GUY MADE IS INCREDIBLE ! If you need the tunes and the bass of fantastic house songs, you shouldn’t miss the latest mixtape for FTF Radio. 50 minutes pure enjoyment. And I repeat myself, but don’t let us waste time on talking, just spend time listening !

It’s not all from BELGIAN BEER, this time I also want to support a new smash hit, a little bit funky, a little bit crazy “uuuuh uuuuh uuh”. It reminds me with his bell-sounds of some american early 80’s TV series, don’t know why, but it is so. Enjoy: DELIGHT !!! J’adore !!!


Belgian Beer’s MySpace (incl. the big tune DELIGHT + much more great stuff)

Download, Playlist & enjoy:

Belgian Beer Mix on FTF Radio (1/17/2009)

Demon – Regultate (Fafa Monteco Remix)
Belgian Beer – Delight
Rhythm Masters – Good Times
Alex Kidd – Slap It On
Drexxel – Out of Control
Disco Diamonds – I Like It Like That
Trouble Men – Do It
Matt Soda – Talkin’ About
Disco Diamonds – Make That Move
The Cough – Without You
Klubfilter – G-Spot

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Belgian Beer enjoyment on highest level



This weekend was a big one. Good feelings, a lot of fun and relaxing. And … yeeeaaaahh, I rocked all the time, there were these fantastic and incredible songs from an EP. They were playing aaaall day long. Funky, filtered, vocal house, THE FINEST ! Directly before weekend I get them and since then it was like a bomb: I had them in my ears, my feet and my head, but specially in MY HEART !!! I love the vocals, the bass, the trompets, the piano, simply EVERYTHING !
If you don’t understand why I’m churned up this way, you have to check the stuff from >> SKingz <<, so the man of the hour is called and no he is not from France, he is from Germany ! Yes, it’s the proof, also German are able to create incredible filtered house music.

I promise: You will love it also !!!


SKingz’s MySpace (a lot of brilliant stuff)

Download & Dance:

SKingz – Just For Your Love

SKingz – Wicked Piano Man


Music Is Love 😉

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This guy is a god 😉

Belgian Beer ❤

Comment by Fumon Tonko

Belgian Beer & SKingz at Buzz En Direkt !

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