The Phantom’s Revenge
January 19, 2009, 10:32
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the phantom's revenge

THE PHANTOM’S REVENGE from France is the man of the hour ! His music lifts you up and unimportant where you are, you will recognize his special and unmistakable sound. It’s a big big delight and pleasure for me to present to you THE PHANTOM’S REVENGE as the first artist who took part in this kind of interview.

Hope you’ll get to know some interesting stuff about him, have your fun during the reading and become curious.



First of all
What was your favourite movie or TV series in your childhood ?

Full Metal Jacket

Which song is playing in the background in this moment ?

Tv On The Radio – Love dog

Tell us what music means to You in 1 or 2 sentences.

The best thing I know by far

And how would you describe your own music with a few keywords ?

Random Disco

What was the reason, why you started making music ?

Because of that :

Brilliant, never heard it before, but it’s a fantastic song !
What is your inspiration ?

Movies, people and Paul Johnson

And is there any intention/message in your music ? If Yes, which ?

Have fun

Why did you choose ‘The Phantom’s Revenge’ as your artist name ? Is there maybe a story behind ?

The story is short, I always found the comic superhero “Phantom” a little bit ridiculous because of his costume and because he don’t have any special abilities, I thought it was time for him to take his revenge

Where is the place you love to listen to music the most ? (unimportant whether it’s on your mp3-player or whether it’s live music)

In my car

I give you some keywords and you say what comes spontaneously into your mind:

Daft Punk Are they real ?
Women I’m single
TV On The Radio
Radio Most of the french radios sucks
Sunglasses Corey Hart

What is the question you ever wanted to be questioned and never been on an interview ? And answer it.

According to you, who would win in a fight between Prince and Michael Jackson ? Prince of course


Either … or … :

Coffee ↔ Tee
Beer ↔ Wine
Muesli ↔ Burger
Sightseeing ↔ Beach Holiday
Morning Grumpiness
↔ Early Riser
Hotel ↔ Camper
Lobster ↔ Steak
Optimist ↔ Pessimist
Sweet ↔ Salty
Bar ↔ Club
12″ ↔ CD/mp3

Clever ↔ Beautiful
Long-Legged ↔ Buxom
Brunette ↔ Blond
Stylish ↔ Trendy


The Phantom’s Revenge: Thanks man, it was nice to answer 🙂

Doze: No man, thanks to you for your time ! I have to repeat myself, but it was a big big big pleasure to read your answers ! Wish you all the best for the future ! Keep up your brilliant work and still provide us with your unique and fantastic sound !!! 😀


If you wish to get more informations about THE PHANTOM’S REVENGE than visit his MySpace, enjoy his sound and his remixes, listen and download his mixtapes and see why a lot of people out there love his stuff !!!

From now there is also a brand new remix out on his MySpace:
NOS – Please (The Phantom’s Revenge Remix)
Great electro filter vocal sound, DON’T MISS IT !!!


THE PHANTOM REVENGE’S MYSPACE (incl. NOS – PLEASE, songs, remixes & mixtapes)

See also:

The Phantom is back !

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