Candy Ass
January 17, 2009, 15:33
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Love to tease

What a niiiice photo, don’t you think the same ?! 😉 Maybe this sweet candy ass was the reason why I immediately payed attention to Demasi & Kokii’s brand new track LOVE TO TEASE. But after listening to this funky french house sound and brilliant, discreet filter effects, it makes me listen the adorable stuff again and again. Yes, I LOVE IT and no doubt, “Love To Tease” doesn’t need a glittering photo to get my attention. Nethertheless it’s a pleasure to look at 😀

Visit & enjoy :

Demasi & Kokii’s MySpace (incl. LOVE TO TEASE)


The Funk Soul Brothers

It’s exactly one week ago, I wrote about The Funk Soul Brothers. And hell yes, there is also something brand new out. And it’s a similar style like the “Love To Tease” track. It’s funky, it sounds french, it’s energetic, it has got soul, it’s another song I need to listen again and again. This masterpiece is called LOVE ON ME and I love it and its vocal parts !!! With GET DOWN the strongest song from The Funk Soul Brothers !!! Don’t miss it !!! (I’ve heard an EP will follow 😉 )

Visit & enjoy:

The Funk Soul Brothers (incl. LOVE ON ME)



TiTAN is the next great artist who has got a new track out and surprise surprise it is also cool, fresh, funky, housy, sounds french and I love it. Today it’s the day of this kind of strong house music. BRUXISM GROOVE lets you groove over the whole dancefloor, good feeling included 😉 .
But there is more great stuff from BELLA ITALIA. Star-T and Silver Girl, two brilliant tracks I know for longer, long before this blog started and you shouldn’t miss !!! RESULT: VISIT TiTAN’S MYSPACE 😀

Visit & enjoy:

TiTAN’S MySpace (incl. BRUXISM GROOVE + other free downloads)

Download & support:

TiTAN – Star-T

TiTAN – Bruxism Groove


I’m so excited, there will be something new on monday !!! DON’T MISS IT !!!

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Titan has been on my top since I first heard him on Kiyoshi’s volume one..
OH AND TFSB! I’M WAITING FOR YOUR EP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

love to you buddy!

Comment by Kokii

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