After Midnight …
December 31, 2008, 11:54
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Jazz After Midnight

… you’re sitting in a smoky dark bar. The men are dressed in Black Ties and have Scotch, Whisky or Martini in their hands. The Ladies are all dressed in sexy and elegant cocktail dresses and the discreet bar light is provided as a background to their beauty. And you are among them, listening to the smooth live Jazz in the background.

If you wish to listen to this kind of brilliant soft Jazz, you should invest in this 2cds “JAZZ AFTER MIDNIGHT“. And because I’m aware that it isn’t the same thing to read about music than listen to it on yourselves, I made some kind of a mixtape. All 20 songs in 20 minutes ! And all songs are in original cd order. Hope that you will get a first impression of these cds on this way.


Just The Two Of Us
The Girl From Ipanema
O Brasil Precisa Balancar
The Nearness Of You
Let Yourself Go Puttin On The Ritz
Summer Sun
Get Away
I’m Beginning To See The Light
Whenever There Is You
Tennessee Waltz
That Old Devil Called Love
God Bless The Child
We’ve Only Just Begun
Nady Jane
Cry Me A River
What A Difference A Day Made
Don’t Ever Go Away
My Kind Of World
Let Yourself Go

Listen & Download:

Jazz After Midnight by Doze


There’s a lot of good stuff out there, I want to present to you, but there isn’t enough time. Of course I’ll try to do my best in new year 2009 to keep you satisfied !

Remains: I wish YOU ALL THE BEST for THE NEW YEAR 2009, hope it will be a successful, fortunate, peaceful and an healthy one !!!

My last words this year are the same as on the cd:



Another Runner in the night


Ate too much and didn’t moved enough, yes we passed Christmas days. Sitting and eating … and it’s not over now, there is still enough food left. Yesterday I had my mp3-player with real good stuff on it. Stuff like it is presented in earlier posts to you and some other stuff from for example Fred Falke or Thony Ritz. This big, great tunes lifted me up, on such an high level of strong and fortunate feelings, that I started to dance in the living room. I forgot everything around me, only this incredible emotions and me ! Nothing more. My brother called me silly and an idiot. But who cares ?!

The Phantom’s Revenge creates big filtered electro house tunes. I’ve already talked about his mixtapes. This time there are some great songs and a new remix out on his MySpace! Not the latest but still some stuff you should listen to, are LATE (!!!), BURN DA RED DOG or SATURATED PHAT IMPACT. These and the following remix have this certain The Phantom’s Revenge style, you will recognize every time you listen to his stuff. Now there’s a new remix out for Demasi & Koki after the big track WOULD LOVE TO FEEL, it’s WEEK’N’DAYS. I prefer “Would Love to Feel”, but listen to “Week’n’days” a few times, you will like it too !!!

The Phantom’s Revenge MySpace


fred falke - sounds on sunday

Fred Falke is in the house, in the French House ๐Ÿ˜‰ ! He’s big, bigger, FRED FALKE ! What should a tell you about this French House icon ?! He started his carreer as a bass player in 1995 and a few years later he started producing. And he does it f***ing well. He produced some songs everyone recognize, but don’t know who made them. INTRO for example is such a song, made with ALAN BRAXE another incredible French musician icon ! This tunes will lift you up, pure and authentic music. When I lost my belief in House music, Fred was one of the artist that gave me hope to believe there’s still big house in this world. His remixes for other artists are at least as good as his own work. I’ve picked up some brilliant songs and remixes, F*** J’ADORE !!!

Fred’s My Space

Fred Falke & Alan Braxe – Intro

Fred Falke & Alan Braxe – Rubicon

Whitest Boy Alive – Golden Cage (Fred Falke Remix) (Big Tune)

Fred Falke – Love Theme

Lykke Li – I’m good, I’m gone (Fred Falke Remix) (She’s swedish ๐Ÿ˜‰ )

Alan Braxe & Fred Falke – Palladium (Classic !!!)

Jamiroquai – Runaway (Alan Braxe & Fred Falke Remix)

Roland Clark & The Montanas – Music Talking (Fred Falke Rmx)

Citylife – San Francisco (Fred Falke Remix)

Test Icicles – What’s Your Damage (Alan Braxe & Fred Falke Remix)

Kelis feat. Too Short – Bossy (Alan Braxe & Fred Falke Remix)

Alan Braxe and Fred Falke – Penthouse Serenade (Classic !)

Mini Viva – Left My Heart In Tokyo (Fred Falke Dub Mix) (the latest remix !)

Will Young – Grace (Fred Falke Radio Edit)

Fred Falke – When I Look Into Your Eyes 2008 (White Label !)


I think it’s enough music for today ๐Ÿ˜‰ – Keep On

Merry Christmas !!!
December 23, 2008, 20:05
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The last purchases should be done and hope so that there are almost all steps done for great and contemplative Christmas-Days. ‘Cause it’s more the time for some smoother sounds than for hard stuff, I had the idea to look up some older songs from 2001-02 with appealing music videos. Great songs, great videos, enjoy the upcoming classics and call some past big golden hours to mind.

We’ve been here before, like a book I read … My words hang in the air, when I spoke to you
I believe it’s magic, magic …

Bent – Magic Love

Kรผsse sรผsser als Wein

Bent – Kisses

Is it your heart? – Yeah – It’s big – It’s smaller – Small ? – It was bigger before – Scary – Yeah, that’s my problem ! –

Roger Sanchez – Another Chance

Forever have a good time, I just want to be happy now
The music is deep inside, So baby can you try?

Galleon – So I Begin (Mandy Remix)

She had such a swing, Anyone could see
Her body meaning things, That look so good to me

Modjo – Chillin’

Two people, just meeting
Barely touching each other

Jean Jacques Smoothie – 2People

Sharing this moment with You

Dax Riders – People

rock ‘n’ roll…
bad-ass vegas whores…
late-night booty calls…
shiny disco balls…

Who Da Funk feat. Jessica Eve – Shiny Disco Balls


I wish You Merry Christmas !!! Enjoy these days, have fun, don’t eat too much ๐Ÿ˜‰ and listen to Your heart !
Your Doze

Slow Down For A While
December 21, 2008, 20:56
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Meeting (old good) friends, watching DVD’s, laughing, have a good time. These were my last days. It’s the time to care for friends and all the other important things in life. Everyone should have an interest in meeting friends, spending time with family, slowing down, relaxing. But in reality all the stuff isn’t as harmonious as it should be. Maybe it’s the right time for clearing down misunderstandings and interpersonal problems. I don’t need to tell you that friendship is more worth than any treasure on earth, so care about !

I’m not important to you“, I hope no one ever will say this words to me, but they are the title of Sia‘s song. Pushing forward sound and Sia’s amazing voice, but so smooth and soft that it’s already sexy. Not a bitchy way, an elegant and mysterious one!

Sia – I’m not important to you

More mysterious and more sensitive, the jazzy original version:

Crisp (Sia) – Sia’s Song

Another great Lifelike remix of Sia’s Day To Soon:

Sia – Day to soon (Lifelike Remix)


Wish You the best

My heart cries tears of joy !
December 19, 2008, 14:36
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A big, strong and powerful voice makes the following classic disco tune unique ! There aren’t a lot of songs that are as powerful, deep and emotional as this one. It’s one of the best songs I ever heard my life yet ! FANTASTIC ! The Originals’ 1977 soulful disco-shaker “Down To Love Town (Dim’s Full Length Disco Citay Remix)”. Dimitri, who in my opinion, always comes with some of today’s most solid disco edits, does a nice big job here, building the track up and breaking it down a number of times to keep the song sounding fresh for it’s nine plus minute duration. This version was released on Dimitri From Paris’ 2006 In The House of Love mix LP.

PLEASE give this unique, brilliant, enornmous song a chance! There are so much soul and deep emotions in it !

Remains the question. Where is LOVE TOWN ? ๐Ÿ˜‰

The Originals – Down To Love Town (Dim’s Full Length Disco Citay Remix)

The Originals – Down To Love Town



Quite a while ago Tracey K. and Fish Go Deep released The Cure and The Cause, deep tunes, an unmistakable voice and a beautiful video. The following remix I’ve heard the first time on the mixtape Daydream, then I searched and found the name of this special edit. Dj Meme created not just a simple remix, it is more a new song with an independent soul. Pay attention to the violins (Live! played). Enchanting music !

Fish Go Deep feat. Tracey K. – The Cure And The Cause (Dj Meme Remix)


Both songs makes:
My heart crying tears of joy !


Oooh Kelly ! Stuff for the heart
December 18, 2008, 22:37
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Do you know this, when there is a melody and some words you have the need to repeat them all the time ? Kelly is such a song that won’t go out of your head ! More Indie and still able to fill the dancefloors ’cause there a lot of big remixes out. In my eyes the most interesting are the Breakbot Remix, which is more Pop than Dance, but it makes you sing and maybe it’s the best edit! And there is the Lifelike remix, not to strange and a little bit similar to the Breakbot Remix, but faster and more suitable to dance. Visit also Van She’s MySpace, there you’ll find Strangers and Changes, some other nice songs !

Van She’s MySpace

Van She – Kelly (Breakbot Remix)

Van She – Kelly (Lifelike Remix)



You’re the soul of my love … you mean everything to me ! This is an extract of an early Lifelike track from 2002. Deep deep voice, belongs to Mandel Turner, and a big bass turn this song into great and housy tune. A few years later you all have danced to Discopolis (with Kris Menace). After this big and popular hit, followed Adventure (High On) and Running Out, the last one with a brilliant vocal for dreaming !

Lifelike’s MySpace

Lifelike – The Soul of my love

Lifelike – Adventure

Lifelike – Running Out

Lifelike & Kris Menace – Discopolis


Raise up, Raise up

The Phantom is back !
December 17, 2008, 14:24
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the phantom's revenge

How long I just waited for this new mixtapes ! The Phantom’s Revenge from France is one of the artists I’ve got an eye on since late summer. His kind of music is big-filter-synthesizer Electro with a strong bass, but it also can be housy (some of you will call it ‘French House’) sometimes. Interesting and unique vocals make this music unmistakable. Songs like Late, Absolut Ego Riot or Moondancer are brilliant and now a days The Phantom already released two EPs. His mixtapes are different from other tapes. The tracks are strong and from different music-styles. The most interesting is, that each song isn’t played longer than 90sec ! A good feeling pre-programmed.

Now there are two new mixtapes out: By the way you dance pt1 and By the way you dance pt2. The first part was on my mp3-player and I started to listen to it on bus. The beginning was the reason for my toothy grin. But then the charm of music subsided and started to be average. There are some great highlights that attract attention. Maybe I raised my hopes too high and pt1 isn’t as average as it seemed to me. There is still pt2 to talk about ! And we should ! You will find hip-hop, indie, house, electro, oldies in there and everything with the charm of the earlier Phantom’s mixtapes. This pt2 satisfied me totally. Visit The Phantom’s Revenge MySpace-page and get his new mixtapes and the older one for free (you have to scroll down the page).

The Phantom’s Revenge MySpace



This time our journey goes to Bella Italia. LeBatman is the man of the hour. Wonderful tunes from Milano. It’s House, maybe French House. Recommendable are the songs Alphaville (funky) and This Is Disco. And the most I like the remixes, specially March by Palm/Secam in the original (I love the female vocal). Listen and enjoy !

LeBatman MySpace

LeBatman – Alphaville

LeBatman – This Is Disco

The Cars – Heartbeat City (LeBatman Remix)


slicker cities

First France, then Italy and now Australia (Sydney). Now we visit Slicker Cities. There is not much to say about, ’cause there aren’t more informations out. So talk about the music. Silver Bullet a flat beat, simple tunes and a deep moan are everything it needs for a soft and smooth tune! And Keep On Movin also a flat beat and a male squawk, it’s everything and it is enough ! A young artist one probably can expect certain some great stuff. Lean back and let’s groove !

Slicker Cities MySpace



Last but not least some nu-rave,electro,bass shit or however you want to call it. NoNewYork is club, electro, dance all rolled into one. Hands Up ! We are ANTI-DRUGS, but the lyric ‘There is Cocaine at this party’ represents the music style.

Hands Up a second time ! Let it rock is another electro-shit. Great vocal, you want to sing it too: ‘Let it rock, let it rock, let it rock yeeeah’ ! Jump jump to the dancefloor. Dance !

NoNewYork – Cocaine Bassline

Kevin Rudolf – Let it rock (Richie Baretta Mix)


Keep Your Heads Up High